Welcome to the Ham Lane Church of Christ

Are you seeking a spiritual journey that feels like home? At Ham Lane Church of Christ, we’re more than a community; we’re a family united in faith and love. Reach out through our online guest book for any inquiries or feedback—we’re eager to connect and share with you.

Worship With Us

Join us in the warmth and devotion of our weekly worship. Every Sunday at 10:00 AM, we gather to celebrate our faith through praise and fellowship. It’s a time of spiritual rejuvenation and community bonding that we cherish deeply.

Our Beliefs

At the heart of our practice are the teachings of the New Testament, guiding us in a faith that’s both ancient and ever-new. We aim to embody principles such as love, compassion, and integrity, reflecting our dedication to living a Christ-centered life. Our journey of faith is a continual learning process, one we embrace with open hearts and minds.

What to Expect

Your first visit to Ham Lane will be a welcoming and comfortable experience, rich with opportunities for spiritual growth and connection:

  • A Warm Welcome: From the moment you step into our auditorium, you’ll feel at home. Choose any seat that makes you feel comfortable; every spot is open as a testament to our belief in community and openness.
  • Spiritual Harmony: Our a cappella worship is a profound experience of unity and devotion, bringing us together in song and spirit without the need for instruments.
  • Messages of Faith: Anchored in prayer and scripture, our sermons are meant to resonate with everyone, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.
  • A Supportive Invitation: We encourage personal reflection and response after our sermons, whether it’s a prayer request or an interest in baptism. Participation is voluntary and respected.
  • Communion and Community Support: Observing the Lord’s Supper each Sunday allows us a communal reflection on our faith. While we collect offerings to support church initiatives, guests are never obligated to contribute.

A Community of Diversity and Faith

Our congregation is a vibrant tapestry of lives, each unique yet united by our common faith in Jesus Christ. We celebrate our diversity, believing that every individual’s journey enriches our collective spiritual growth.

Visiting Us

Approaching new experiences can be daunting, but at Ham Lane, we invite you to come as you are. There are no expectations other than your presence. Filling out a visitor’s card is optional, but it allows us to thank you for your visit and stay connected.

Get in Touch

Your spiritual journey is important to us. Whether you’re seeking a spiritual home or curious about our practices, we welcome you. In Lodi, CA, you might just find the community and faith you’ve been looking for.

Visit our Prayer Request page or reach out through our contact form for prayer requests or to learn more about our beliefs. We look forward to welcoming you into our family.

Embracing Community and Risk-Taking: Essential Aspects of Discipleship

Embracing Community and Risk-Taking: Essential Aspects of Discipleship

As we journey through our sermon series, “Discipled: Discipleship Principles from the Follower of Jesus,” we delve deeper into the core elements of what it means to follow Christ wholeheartedly. In our latest lesson, “Community & Risk-Taking,” we explore two essential aspects of discipleship that were exemplified by the first followers of Jesus. Thriving in […]

Discovering Learning and Empowerment: Lessons from the First Disciples

Discovering Learning and Empowerment: Lessons from the First Disciples

In our ongoing sermon series at Ham Lane Church of Christ this April, “DISCIPLED: Discipleship Principles from the Followers of Jesus,” we’ve been journeying through the foundational aspects of discipleship as demonstrated by the first followers of Christ. In Lesson 2, “Learning & Empowerment,” we delved into how the disciples learned from Jesus’ example and […]

The Joyful Sound of Hand Clapping in Worship: Celebrating Baptisms with Biblical Affirmation

The Joyful Sound of Hand Clapping in Worship: Celebrating Baptisms with Biblical Affirmation

In the vibrant tapestry of worship expressions, hand clapping stands out as a joyful rhythm, a resounding applause to the grace and work of God in our lives. Yet, amidst the chorus of praise, questions arise: Is hand clapping authorized by Scripture? Is it fitting for worship, particularly during the solemn occasion of baptism? Let’s […]

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