3/11/18 Sermon Discussion Questions

Sermon Discussion Questions

1. There have been many trails throughout history that have received media attention. Can you remember some trials that you followed (i.e. O.J. Simpson comes to my mind)? What made them memorable to you?

2. Read over Mark 14:53-15:15. What things stick out to you about the way in which these Jewish and Roman trials took place?

3. Why do you think God allowed Jesus to be put to death, even though He was innocent? What does this say about God’s Character?

The trials of Jesus represent the ultimate mockery of justice. Jesus, the most innocent man in the history of the world, was found guilty of crimes and sentenced to death by crucifixion. And yet at the same time, they were fulfilling God’s perfect plan of our salvation through Jesus alone. Take time to pray, ask God to give you the faith, trust, and hope to follow His plans even when they make not make sense to you.

Next Week: Lesson 4 “Torture and Humiliation” – Mark 15:16-41

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