"iQuit" Lesson 2 I Quit Complaining

iQuitLesson 2 “I Quit Complaining”

Sermon Take Home Discussion Questions


1. What do you usually complain about?  Who do you typically complain to?  Where does it mostly happen?

2. What has been some consequences and costs for complaining in your life?

3. How do you need to become more Christ-like in your thought patterns and communications? What steps can you take to develop the attitude of gratitude?

If you are going to conquer complaining in this New Year, you need a power beyond yourself.  Jesus is the antidote to our culture and our nature.  He makes us new people inside.  Maybe complaining is an embedded habit.  The only way that will be broken is by an external power in your life who will begin to change you from the inside out.  Pray for God’s power and strength to quit complaining about your life and allow Him to make you new. 

Next Week  iQuit Lesson 3 “I Quit Living in Fear

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