Sermon Discussion Questions

Mark 15:36-37, John 19:30, Luke 23:44-46

1. Three simple words “it is finished”, but packed with meaning. When you think of something “finished” what do you believe is the meaning? How would you use the word in your world (work, school, life)?

2. What do you think must have been in the my of Jesus as he shouts these words?

3. In Luke 12:50 and Luke 22:42, Jesus referenced a “baptism and a “cup”. What

was his meaning for the two words? What do those words mean to us?

4. These are words of agony for Jesus (Heb. 12:2) why are they producing hope for us?

5. Discuss your thoughts on these two quotes.

• A. W. Pink said, “’It is finished’ is but one word in the original, yet in that word is wrapped up the gospel of God; all assurance, and the sum of all joy.”

• Charles Spurgeon says, “An ocean of meaning in a drop of language, a mere drop, for that is all that we can call one word, “tetelestai.” Yet it would need all the other words that ever were spoken, or ever can be spoken, to explain this one word. It is altogether immeasurable! ... “Finished.” It was a Conqueror’s cry – it was uttered with a loud voice! There is nothing of anguish about it, there is no wailing in it. It is the cry of One who has completed a tremendous labor and is about to die – and before He utters His death-prayer, “Father, into Your hands I commend My spirit,” He shouts His life’s last hymn in that one word, “tetelestai”.”

Next week: Lesson 6 — HOPE ARISES!

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